10 movies you should watch with your father on this Father’s day

10 movies you should watch with your father on this Father’s day

1) Bagbhan

Movie through light on how current generation people forget to take good care of their parents as they grow old, and they become liability to them. Lead roles are played by Mr.Amithab Bacchan and Miss. Hema Malini suffering emotional trauma throughout the end of movie offered by their own kids where their parents keep on forgiving them till they become famous and karma gives back what they actually deserve. It’s good to watch this movie only once and realize how bad you behaved with your parents as it highlights what not to be done with your parents more than what could be done.


This is next generation movie where a kid is fighting for his freedom against his fathers strict rules to suppress the same. Best part of the movie is it is realistic dialogs and action scenes where kid fights back to ensure his younger brother get to live his life far from their evil father. These highlights dark character of Rohit Roy being a bad father, Not all fathers are good.

3)Waqt-Race against time

Light-hearted comedy movie turning into series of arguments with father and son is one line story of this movie. Father role played by mr.bacchan wants his son played by Akshay Kumar to take responsibility and start living independently. Throwing son out to be responsible when his daughter-in-law is carrying is one good trick people like as it makes Akshay Kumar do some so-called difficult job and get bread and butter to his beloved wife, Climax changes the movie when finally Akshay Kumar understand the importance of money and his father it’s too later because his father will on his death dead.

4)Wake up Sid

Young rich brat who fails to clear his exam and thinks work is boring and his father teaching him a lesson by abandoning him from all the privileges given to him where he finds his passion in photography and proves himself and act more mature and responsible at the climax is a good movie to relate good old college days to nerve sucking job.

5) Paa

A story of the kid suffering from a deadly disease born to lead character on movie played by viday Balan, Who is abandoned by his father because of the political career played by Abhishek Bachchan. The special combination of father and son portraying real-life vise-versa is a treat to watch.

6)Tara Zameen Par

Low budget at the box office but movie steal all the critics and review praising Amir  Khn work and his effort to present something out of the Box. The movie is built on broken relationships between father and the son who fail to understand his son’s abilities. Its a must watch the movie for all the parents to understand their kids dream and how every kid’s ability is discouraged in modern society.


Piku is a movie based on the relationship of Annoying father and his responsible daughter who is all set to sacrifice her dream to be with her father and take care of him. The movie revolves around few interesting characters who set to be part of their family but with the fear of loosing one another father-daughter keeps on pushing every happiness that’s building all between them.

8)Kapoor and son’s

this movie is an example of the modern society where a small family with trillion problems with one another get back together for a family function that is great grandfathers birthday party and there are series of incidents which disclose dark secrets about each individual. One among the lead character being Gay and their family not ready to accept the fact and his father’s extramarital affair and much more builds how families stick together even after so many ups and downs, climax saves the movie with the little twist in it.


A movie is a true gift to your father s movie is about the struggle of a physically challenged father who raises his children with great difficulty and how much he suffers to give a better life for his kid. The movie starts Legendary Actor Mr.Nana Patiker doing the fantastic role of Father and make every audience break into tears, Monisha korilia who plays the role of daughter provides justice for the role.

10)Main Aisa Hi Hoon

On the same storyline where the father is being mentally challenged and struggles to save his daughter who is under court custody. It becomes an emotional paradime where Ajay Devgan who plays the lead of mentally challenged father takes to his daughter in sign language and in many scenes where the reaction of father and daughter are so  emotional will break the heart of viewers

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