10 signs that shows that your crush likes you!

10 signs that shows that your crush likes you!

Signs to look for if your partner like you!

We are gods creation we don’t possess super power so that read each others mind.. So it becomes difficult to approach a person without knowing his or her interest because there is a chance of loosing a person permanently, their are possibility that your partner might be thinking the same and expect you to initiate… So they start hinting that they really like you and if aren’t familiar with this signs you will end up losing the person…
So we bring to you some of the common signs people show when they really like you

1)Trying to spend more time with you :

If you have meet your partner online and you had made plans with her and she or he seems bailout all the time shows your partner might not be in to you romantically, But if they inform you that couldn’t make it this time and reschedule it then she /he doesn’t wanna miss an opportunity to send time with you and sure its a good sign

2)Smiling Genuinely :

a single person can laugh in multiple ways depending on his behavior so smiling genuinely is a sure sign that she likes you (genuine smile cause smile wrinkles near eyes making eyes look smaller), if your partner laugh at silliest joke of your then he or she might be in to you.

3)Touching their neck:

whenever you are with your dream partner most of us tends to be nervous, end up playing with you hair, neck or any sort of thing that comes to her/his hand, those are clear signs that he/she might be interested in you. In most of the cases they might try and touch you for more deeper contact.

4)Holding hands :

physical contact tells much about a person’s social skills and decrease stress among people

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5)walking slowly :

most likely when you are with your dream partner you wish you could remain with your partner for longer duration of time. Check for signs where your partner walks slowly or even talk with deeper voice and try not to end conversation for along time.

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6)staring at your lips:

this is common behavior that generates love Harmon in humans body by starting at your crush’s lips or biting lips, so most girls prefer darker shades of lipsticks to attract men towards them.

7)saying your name in the conversation :

when you have stronger feelings towards some person, you need have great courage to take their name in any kinda conversation if you see your partner using your name more often in a conversation probably your partner wants you to give him or her your full attention during their talk.

8)eye contact :

Simple logic, people love to stare at thinks that are pleasant to their eyes so if you catch your partner starting at you or els trying to make an continues eye contact that’s a good sign.

9)Introducing to their friends and family :

If your partner talk about you in your absence with their friends and family, and they know much about you before you even get to meet them is clear sign that your partner Bragg’s about you all the time.

10)First one to text :

people spend most of their time online on surfing or chatting on their mobile and if you are constantly popping on their mind sure they might inishiate the chat, indicating they have been thinking about you lately.

This signs may change depending upon the situation but we tried to make it as simple as possible, of you feel none of this sounds familiar, we still recommend to go and talk to your crush about how you feel sure they will appreciate your choice.

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