5 simple Techniques to make money online for free

5 simple Techniques to make money online for free

Easy ways to make money online

Money matters to all, every body in this world wants money to fulfill their daily needs , even for luxury, party, drinks, food, traveling every single thing is connected through money.
everyone is always in search of methods to make money, getting a degree and working for the firm is one way but it’s time consuming, people are in search of quick and easy methods to make money. And easiest way to grow any business is to meet a lot of clients in short period of time.Best platform to do business and meet people from all over the world is by meeting them on global platform i,e online. In short people have figured out numerous way to start a business and develop it online by getting clients across the globe using online platform, so what business we can do ?
Is that what you are thinking ..
Don’t worry
We list out best things that you can do online to earn easy and quick money


Basically it’s a media platforms which allows users to showcase their talent and make decent earning out of it
Opening an YouTube account is very simply and there are tons of video on YouTube which actually guide to start your channel with YouTube, all you need is a Google account to login.
You have an account! Started posting videos as well but how to make earning out of YouTube, well terms of YouTube keeps on changing so as per new guidelines that you need to address before you start earning

  • A channel should have minimum of 10k views before connecting it to Ad sense.
  • Ad sense is a Google venture which provides add from third parties.
  • Once the channel hits 1000 subscribers Google Ad sense will verify the account and the content.
  • As soon as your Ad sense account hits 100$ mark you can credit it to your bank account.

2)Blogging :

Blogging is for those who love writing about anything and attract readers to their blog site or even website.
Free Blogging can be done using blogger account or else writers can get their own specific domain and hosting to create their own website and start posting their blogs on their official website , investment is very low which might range from (3k-5k)/year.
Shard Blogging spot has limited earning by placing ads from Google Ad sense is not allowed but there are third party sites(ad.fly) which gives ads to every kind of blogs.
For professional bloggers it’s advantage that Ad sense as well as third party sites gives ad codes from where writers can earn hell out of money.

3)Free lancing:

Anyone can do freelancing and earn extra money ,even though it’s not on regular basis, extra money adds value to it.
Freelancing sites like fiverr provide a platform from clients and creative people to market their talent and earn money.
It can be travelers guide, creative art, doodle making, creative writing etc.

4)Affiliate marketing :

Affiliate marketing is a digital platform where you suggest people to buy something from popular E-commerce sites and get commission from it.
Every e commerce site has an option called as affiliate marketing , all you need to do is sign up and get affiliate link and past it in your Instagram account, Facebook account or even mail people and ask them to buy something from the site or the specified product and get your share credited into your account when it reaches a threshold value.


Taking survey online is a painful job which consumes all your time ,but what if the same job pays you to take the survey ,yup it’s true Google gives survey and pays according to length of the survey take. Crediting the money also needs a bank account which will be linked to Google once it reaches a threshold value.\

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