There are many cool things you can buy from the amazon which are very unique Here we provide you the list of top 7 cool things you can buy on amazon.

  1. Fixate gel pad strong stick glue

This is one of the best things you can purchase on Amazon. You can fix anything on the wall such as phone, photo frame, camera, book ,music player and so on using Fixate gel pad strong stick glue. It’s easy to use and can be used anywhere for temporary fixing of your gadgets. you can also use it for video recording by fixing it to wall or you can video record while travelling by fixing it to the windscreen.The price range of this is between 3$-4$.

  1. Pocket 60x magnifying loupe

Pocket 60x magnifying loupe is a small and handy microscope which will magnify the things. This Gadget is helpful for the students who are studying science and who wish to see small creatures like insects. The coolest thing about this is, it is portable i.e. we can carry it in our pocket; it comes with illuminated LED light and is very cheap in price. This is also used in jewelry shop as a currency detector. The price range of this is between 4$-5$.

  1. Self stirring magic mug

Self stirring mug is not normal mug like any other mugs. If you can mix anything with the help of this. It comes with the battery at the bottom, stirrer inside the mug and a button at the handle of the mug. You don’t have to do anything, you just press the button and it automatically starts stirring and mixes well. The price range of this is between 6$-7$.

  1. Mini ultra portable cycle tyre pump

With the help of this you can pump the air into the tyre of bicycle easily with hand. It is very small in size and you can carry with you when you riding bicycle. It is also used for balloons, football and basketball. The price range of this is between 9$-10$.

  1. Mini fan water spray.

This is not a normal fan; this is mini portable air-conditioned fan. You can carry it while travelling and very easy to use. You just have to charge it before carrying, add water and pump it that’s all. It works very smoothly. The price range of this is between 8$-9$.

  1. Nap zapper

This is cool gadget which keeps the driver awake and alert from taking nap. We just have to wear this on our ear. This starts vibrating with beep sound when driver is about to take nap which makes him alert and awake while driving. You have to charge it before using and it’s very economical too. The price range of this is between 5$-6$.

  1. Noke locks

It is no key lock works with Bluetooth technology. You just connect with Bluetooth and un- lock automatically when it detects a phone with you. It’s easy to use and can be used anywhere such locking bicycle, locking bag, cupboard. It comes with premium price. The price range of this is between 120$-125$.

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