7 Ways How is dhadak different from sairat

7 Ways How is Dhadak different from Sairat

Sairat was a Marathi blockbuster movie which creates a huge impact in Indian cinema gaining global audiences, the movie was not only declared as a hit in terms of the collection but also gained good critics. Sairat was a story of a young boy “Parsya” falling in love with a teenage crush “Archi” and their struggle to prove there love in front of family.

As most expected and anticipated movie for Ishan and jhanavi kapoor is realized under big banner of Darhma production started making impressions all over the internet. So what to look for, as the storyline of the movie remains the same, All viewers have the same question on their mind, Whats different, So we bring out ” 7 Ways How is dhadak different from sairat” and why you should go watch Dhadak.

 7 Ways How is Dhadak different from Sairat

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  • The movie is made under big budget compared to sairat which was 4corer, so better cinematography better camera work, so enhanced visuals.
  • Archi role who claimed the national award for the movie is been played by Star kid Jhanavi Kapoor who has huge fan followers waiting for her debut movie in Bollywood.
  • Parshya role is given to Ishana who is Bollywood boy next door, and Shahid Kapoor’s Brother, who looks like Shahid and his cute charm will pull pretty ladies heart for sure.
  • Karan Johar is known for his production house which is also a platform for young talents to get into Bollywood, Is well know and popular Producer, so movie might gain greater Audience.
  • Music tracks “Zingat” scores the same popular track from Sairat but this time in Hindi.
  • The chemistry between two young actors was in talks since poster launched, They really do make a cute couple.
  • Kissing scene in the Sairat Movie where Audience missed out can be seen Jhanvai Kapoor lock lips with Ishan.

trailer looks promising But viewers should wait and watch to seen how much justice has been made tools sairat movie. Hope Dhadak Be a better version of Sairat and bring good luck to both young talents

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