Bad boy accessories

Bad boy accessories

Wanna be a Bad Boyy!??

Must have in bad boys wardrobe
As most people thing being bad boy with get you lot a attention you might be wrong! It’s the attitude that this boys carry that makes a difference, If you are wondering “is it difficult to look like a bad boy?”
Well the answer is “No”, Most bad boys are confidential wearing Anything most of the time as there aren’t worried of fashion police! That’s what makes them so irresistibly hot.Its not necessary that one should get inked with some random cool tattoo and  have your  piercing at different parts of body nor making every muscle in the body to pop out, easiest way to look bad is don’t try hard to be bad , that’s it.

Best thing about dressing like a bad boy is screaming out loud for attention without even asking it for by wearing flashy clothes makes it twice attractive then it seems.
Sure anyone can follow the same trend accordingly to their body type and look like a classic bad boy, so here we list out few tips that you can follow to completely archive the look.

1)Stand out of the crowd:

Bold plain t-shirt preferably dark shades of black or even blue with matching pair of denims is a basic definition of fashion, skinny people might try choosing skin fit denim where as muscular once slim fit .And the most important thing is a jacket which adds a much required finish. Jacket adds muscularity and carefree attitude and servers the purpose, leather jackets are the best option during winter season but can be styled using denim jackets during summer.


accessories help brighten up the look depends on the body type, skinny people may style themselves with silver chain at the back pocket and muscular people with vintage finger rings.

3)Bad@as watch:

Watch’s the must have for all kind of fashion clothing, watch with bigger dial and brighter color makes it two much flashy ruining the entire look, we suggest you to go retro styling watch with low beam flash color (Black, grey and blue) but with a analog machine. If you choose to go with half tucked in shirt then retro metal belt completes the upper look.

4) Shoes:

shoes are the most important and easily identified mark of being bad trying casual shoes might spoil the entire look where as classic bootlace up cross with metal belt looks better with skin fit but experimenting with dark boots with slim fit enriches it’s look.

5) Sunglasses:

Sunglasses gives a total careless attitude making a statement as “No one can read me” is a must and should to complete the look. Choosing a Sunglasses is a important aspect of looking great because it’s on the face not like other accessories. Wayfarer or aviator looks good on most on every face type.

Fashion is more about being comfortable in what you wear rather then how you wanna look, experimenting adds higher style statement whether you follow trend or not doesn’t matter as long as you wanna be a bad boy.

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