Top five reason why India is an ultimate travel destination

Top five reason why India is an ultimate travel destination.

India being seventh largest country in this world have pretty much to offer when it comes to advantageous and wild traveling destinations, But there is so much to offer apart form exotics destination that will make you feel country isĀ  worth every penny you spend on traveling.

Harischandra Ghatt

So we share some of the fascinating things that’s makes traveling in India memorable

1)Diversified climatic condition:

India have Diversified climatic condition from Jammu Kashmir to kanyakumari as a visitor you have to decide whether you like to spend your week hogging over chilled bear at Goa , cold breeze of Himalayan winds, getting a dip in about river Ganga. The place has so much offer that visitor have to chose weather they like cold place to spend their weekends or like to travel in jungle like Nagarholey as one among few national parks among hundreds or like to party at the beaches.

diversification of climate from Thar desert to Himalayas

2)Food :

Traveling is incomplete without a delicious food to remember the place, we would love to visit again just to have one more bite of that thing we eat when we were travelling. India is filled with uncountable recipes of food categorized as spicy Indian food all over the world so it’s not fair for our visitor if they don’t experiment with their tats buds on street as well as star hotels. Most of Indian foods are vegetarian but non veg lovers will sure not be disappointed as country serves some of world renowned biriyani and sea foods. Most of the food are focused on bringing their cultural habitat carried from ancestors recipes adds much deeper value to Indian food history.

Indian food (hydrabadi biriyani)

3)Travel :

people in India are very generous as said everyone are eager to help you and tell you their story of how the place got it’s name make journey interesting , Indian government support tourism’s at greater level with tourists support and help centers and makes it safe and secure to all travelers.

fort in rajastan

India Travel Asia East Rajasthan Culture Palace

mosque synagogue India east rajasthan

4)Explore and learn :

Country have some of worlds breath taking monuments and forts, wonder of the world Taj Mahal and many more places with narrate the story.of Indian kings and heroes. Countries history, war stories and myths and believes challenges science in various aspects .Existences of God and their tails and wonders will add goose bumps.

image- Makara Bedur

country is filled with many religion people living with love and harmony, Art tradition, festivals, food, culture, rituals and their scientific reason from puranas, knowledge and many other uncountable things that lets you explore countries best secrets.


India is filled with enormous amount of fun and enjoyment when it comes to entertainment as India is popular for its diversity in movie as well … Bollywood brings much propel all around the world with a dream of bring a start , where country has many languages with each language having their own settings of movies to entertain their people gives visitor hell out of options to be entertained .
India is a country which strives hard to make every visitor to get more from the country, it might be as an experience or the love which Indians offer ,feel free to visit India once if you love to experience diversity.

Bollywood movie poster

“Atithi Devobava”

Swami performing Ganga pooja (haridwar)

its a motto of Indian tourism department where Indians treat their tourist as visit from god. Enjoy the experience once in life time

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