Apple Apologized for Slow down of its iPhone Software

Apple Apologized for Slow down of its iPhone Software

For a long time, iPhone users had suspected that the company slowed the old phones to increase the purchase of new phones.Apple company has apologized for being criticized for slowing down the old version of the iPhone processor. Apple had argued that the battery with lithium ions made the battered old iPhones, so it was done.

Now the company says that it is ready to change the battery and in 2018 one such software will be brought, so that the iPhone users will be able to keep track of their phone’s battery life.

Apple has recently accepted this fact. Since then eight cases have been filed against Apple in the US. After which the company is facing tremendous criticism. According to a statement from Apple, the company has decided to reduce the price of the battery that was out of warranty from $ 79 to $ 29. These discounts will apply to the iPhone 6 and the phone that came after it.

The company says, “Consumers’ trust in Apple is everything for us. We will never wander from this goal. Because of the people’s trust and support, we are able to do the work which we like. We can never forget this. ”

Apple, while referring to slowing down the phone, said, “The problem with Lithium ion Battery is not only up to Apple’s product. The old battery is unable to supply 100 percent of the power.

A feature was released for the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone SE. The purpose was to control the processor’s excess power demand.Doing so does not endanger the phone suddenly. ”

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