Evergreen Branch in Engineering

Evergreen Branch in Engineering

Why is mechanical engineering branch tagged as “Evergreen” Branch?

is this question keeps up poping up in your mind, wondering why people are so obbsesed with mechanical stream of engineering?, What is it which makes it so special.

Well everyone have their own story which they use to explain why is mechanical branch called ever green branch…

Here is our version..

I believe evolution of engineering took place decades ago when machine were invented to ease the work ability of man, As i would say birth of mechanics. And as time passed man started conducting experiments to improve the efficiency of machine by incorporating various other aspects like electricity and other power source.

Gave birth to electrical engineering (machine now run on electricity)

After that, In mid 80-90’s computer were invented with the help of machines to be programmed and run with less human effort. And for now electronic and software era runs to drive those machine either virtually or experimentally to limit the hazard that comes with those experiments or in few case to increase production rate.

So engineer’s began with mechanical branch and rest of the branch were invented to cope up with changing technology and increase productivity of those machine and mainfest the trends.

Mechanical engineering is root for all other engineering branch ever existed,So mechanical engineering is usually coated as Royal mechanical, Father of Engineering, Every green branch.Every branch have their own importance and as a engineer i love and respect every branch as mine.

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