10 reasons why you should watch “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”

10 reasons why you should watch “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”

Most loved American TV series Of all time:

FRIENDS is a American popular tv series aired on 22sep 1994 staring matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courtney cox in a lead role, popular sitcom revolved around the day to day incidents that occur between the characters who hang around central cafe in Manhattan. Best part of friends is the diversified character of each which makes it so fun to watch.

1)Monica Geller played by Courtney cox

Owns a apartment where all the events take place, chef by profession monica has obsessive cleaning disorder. Character evolves around by falling in love with other sub character that appears on the show (Richard the old man and many more)

2)Ross Geller played David Schwimmer

is a professor in paleontologist (studies dinosaurs ) Adds humor ti his character with multiple failed marriages where his first wife tends to be a lesbian, but has enduring crush on a main character (Rachel green). Best part of this character is getting into silly trouble, correcting others mistakes, trying hard to impress Rachel green.

3)Rachel green played by Jennifer Aniston

is most confused character among all other leads. Wanna be strong independent women making wrong choice and regretting adds humor to this character, Rachel brings out wild side from geller family.

4)phoebe Buffay: played by Lisa kudrow

Adds dark humor to the character most hurt by her mom’s suicide, living on streets, lost her job and became masouss and twin sister being such a disturbing portrayal of lisa yet strong and happy being with her friends, witty side of the character is her songs “smelly cat” and weird punches all over the conversation makes her different from others.

5)Chandler bing played by Matthew perry

is most funny character on the show as the characters keeps insulting ever other character with nerve cracking jokes and being relationship with a sub character (… ), No one knows what he does for leaving but lends helps to everyone on the show, many times mistaken as gay.

6)Joey Trubbiani played by Matt LeBlanc

is a show steal-er with characters effort of understanding the situation and being the dumb person around trying to figure out his career as an actor ends up doing series of different jobs allover until the series ends, with Joey pickup lines to joey doesn’t share food everything that joey does for his friends looks adorable makes people fall in love with this character. Final episode 6th may 2004 was heartbreaking as everything comes to an end.
Most of the episodes were shot with live audience in the set
One among the best sitcom to have good rating on IMDb
If you haven’t watched it till now go watch it now!!

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