How to attract any one with your magnetic character?

How to attract any one with your magnetic character?


Well it isn’t that easy to attract anyone now days because everyone’s so busy caught up in their work they hardy get to pay attention to their own families and friends.

Basic question that pops up into most of our readers mind is why anyone should have a magnetic nature “if people don’t like me I don’t give a fuck”. Having a magnetic character helps you develop a better life compared to the person who is being hated by all.

So what is this magnetic character? And why should I have it?

Being magnetic in nature doesn’t mean you are attracting iron as a friction character “magneto” (Character in X-men series) , But instead of iron you are attracting people’s attention and respect which in turn improves social skills, And don’t forget man is a social animal and you cannot lead a independent life on your own so socializing is a important part of daily life.

So how to builds a magnetic character within yourself so that it helps you to attract everyone around you. Being rich or having a very great physic won’t make you attractive or a person who is good at flirting is considered as attractive,

So here are the list of things that can improve your characters and make you most more attractive

1)Be positive in every situation:

Seems simple but it’s true that most of people focus on negative impact of their action rather than focusing on their true intentions, So how can you stay positive? Easy think positive! Stop listing to negative people, believe in your work. Staying positive in all situation brings a drastic change in you workability and increase in energy level. Which intend to attract more people by your electrifying nature

2)Be happy:

One thing that everyone hates is to be sad all the time, No one like to be with a person is sad all the time. People crave for happiness; people try to find happiness by traveling, following their passion and doing similar stuff. So being happy not only helps you lead healthier life but also develop a huge fan base to for secret recipe for happiness.

3)Dream Big:

everyone loves to dream but only few like to work on it. A person who works on his dreams always finds away to make it big, and people with distracted minds take this people as mentors and follow them as their role model. Help them Improvise their daily habit to work harder as their role models and achieve their dreams.

4)Take Responsibility:

Most of people are afraid to try thing that they aren’t familiar with so most of they don’t try and risk it, which makes them least attractive in nature , Trying risky thing changeling self ability to go beyond boundaries highlights fearless and adventurous qualities in a person which are main ingredients to be in a attractive person.

5)Forgive everyone:

Getting into a fight is common but it need not be physical every time (argument), if it isn’t with a sensible person it is OK in giving up on an argument. Which makes you mature in the conversation. Holding onto grudges is for narrow minded people positive thinkers are so busy chasing their dreams they hardly get to remember such taught makes them most attractive among others.

Best character in any individual is highlighted when the person is confident and happy doing that particular work , “Love what you do and do what you love”

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