Do you know these cricket players real occupation

Being a cricket player is a dream comes true for any Indian, as country worships its players which is pretty rare in other countries. Most of the people thing cricket players are practicing for their tour and tournaments throughout the year and if your one among them then you are wrong.

Most of the cricketer players have real jobs to take care of even though not in regular bases but during off seasons

Here is a list of popular cricket players and their real jobs

1 MS Dhoni – Lieutenant Colonel, Indian Territorial Army

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Worked as a ticket examiner at Indian railways from 2001-2003 after which Dhoni decides to take a break from his regular job in order to focus more on his cricket career.

Afterworlds cup Dhoni expressed his wish to be a part of Indian army for which government of India had honored dhoni with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the Indian territorial army in 2011.

Dhoni also holds a share in companies like Indiana cement, Dream 11, etc.

Dhoni also holds a brand of his own called seven which manufactures sportswear and clothing.

2 Joginder Sharma – Deputy Superintendent of Police, Haryana

Do you know this cricket players real occupation

We all remember that last over bowled by Joginder Sharma in t20 world cup against Pakistan is a Deputy Superintendent of Police in Haryana

3  Harbhajan Singh – Deputy Superintendent of Police, Punjab

Harbhajan Singh is deputy superintendent of police at Punjab from the year 2013. The player has his own sports brand called bhajji launched in the year 2007

The brand ‘Bhajji’ which has excelled up to 18 crores of business annually has been working great as in official kit partner.

4. Umesh Yadav – Assistant Manager, Reserve Bank of India

Umesh Yadav along with K.L.rahul is appointed as an Assistant manager at Reserve bank of India, Player is appointed at city branch, Nagpur office. Umesh Yadav once prepared for constable post in his early days

5 KL Rahul – Assistant Manager, Reserve Bank of India

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The player shared his parents view about his cricketing career and was happy now that their son has a stable job. Player was all over the news for his interview at a reality show after which he had to improve his performance and made back to team Player has also launched is a fashion brand called GULLY

6 Dinesh Karthik

Do you know this cricket players real occupation

Manager at “The India cements LTD”

According to resource, the player along with Mohammad Sami is going to start a traveling host company soon

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