How Teams are selected for Football world cup And why India Is not in the list

How Teams are selected for Football world cup And why India Is not in the list

India is country where people love watching cricket more than Football, though its opposite for all other countries. According to Statistics 6.2million people watch football an average. It’s a most popular sport in the world. India has its own Football team and it’s not that popular due to less importance is given by spectators as well as Sports committees.

Recent event is a proof for the scenario where our Indian team captain ”Sunil Chhetri” made a video to invite all Indian to come and watch before they talk about the sport and promise to play and entertain and would improve the game. India won Hero continental cup and proved us that country has a world-class player due to negligence and less support from fellow countrymen.

India has continuously trying to improve the game, by supporting small club to come and participate in In “Hero Indian super league”. Our Indian team captain has equaled the goal count with Messi, so with all this talent why is that our country not playing World Cup held at Russia?

The world cup is held once in a four Year, This gap has a reason behind it. Once the world cup gets over soon from next year qualifying matches starts, where teams with lower ranking should prove their skills to get into the top list.

So what happened to team India?Here are the details

12 lowest ranked participated member Association (PMA), will participate in Round One


in round one india played against Nepal

this team will be made into the group series


winners advanced to the second round

6 winners and 34 teams

in round two

Unfortunately, India was eliminated from the league and team couldn’t make it up to top 40 teams.

40 teams are divided into 8 groups having 5 teams in each.



8 group winners and 4 best 2nd place teams proceed to round 3

Round 3

12 qualifying teams

are arranged in two groups again

3rd palce team in each group will go to round 4 and two group winners and runner-ups qualify for the world cup

Round 4

round 4 winner advances to intercontinentalplay-off

where 2 PMA’s participating in CONCACAF-Asia ZOne play off – the winner will qualify to the world cup

Teams qualified

teams playing world cup this year:

every year its the same procedure followed by Fifa federation, hope Next World Cup  we get to improve our game with all the love and support that we could give to the players and see them play in league matches

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