Job opportunity during Corona virus pandemic

Job opportunity during Corona virus pandemic

Global Industries have been effected due to Corona virus out break, most of countries have completely shut down which has led to shortage of resources. People are scared to come out in public place even scared to attend gatherings, lack of workers availability have asked the production sector to shut down. united states alone have reported massive layoff of workers due to financial difficulty , I.T sector along with Automobile sector has been effect a lot.

many state and central government stated giving financial aid to daily wages workers .But there are few industries which continued hiring due to raise in demand.

Here is a list of companies that are offering jobs During pandemic

  1. Due to raise in demand for delivering daily products to customers, delivery companies like “BigBasket, Grofers, Zomato even Amazon   have started hiring more delivery employees.
  2. Brand marketing , content creator have been offers jobs to engage audience online due to increase in traffic as a result of Lock Down , people stared spending more time online.
  3. Most of software companies continue to hire experienced works to work from home, Candidate with existing experience will have zero trouble finding new venture. (Games2Win)
  4. Online coaching industries is growing in demand as people are training to learn new concepts at home.
  5. Companies like zoom and Microsoft have provided online platform where employees can login and work together , Such compnies are hiring support staff to handle new users quires.
  6. People are even opting for small online part time jobs to utilize their time and earn.


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