How to lead a Happy married life

Myth behind Happy Married life

Which ones better love marriage or arrange marriage,When it comes to choosing the right one for your life and you get confused , don’t worry, according to research most people don’t even know what to look for in a life partner.


Being a woman it’s even more difficult because women get confused with every options that comes in their life.What kind of dress I should buy, does red look good or shall I go with black.Skirt or jeans ?Choosing a partner become even worse because they will be approached by tones on men every single day!So what do they do….Start comparing each options with one another and keep him as benchmark for future proposal until they feel it’s time to get married.


Even though we live in male dominating society, Men always seek attention of women for their dominance.Unlikely women , men need to fight against the huge competition to win the girl and prove his worthiness that she had made a right decision. convenience women is the Worse part of all because most women feel like most men are nice to them because they want them.


Women : seek for guy who is handsome , confident , well settled, caring and good-looking.
Men: it’s only looks what matters to most , how hot she is, how great body she has that’s a major concern with men , rest all are inappropriate.
So with this expectations with how one can choose who will be their ideal partner for life?

1)love marriage:

Falling in love is the most beautiful thing in any bodies life. But getting married to the special one is not so easy when you decide to spend rest of your life with the same . Most women have insecurity about loosing their freedom, job, personal space, sacrifice their dreams for the sake of family. Most men have serious trouble keeping up with girl and the people who can be her potential mate , before marriage.

2)Arrange marriage

People getting married total stranger and hope to start a family, hoping that both will compromise each other’s needs and fall in love just because you end up having no option is arranged marriages theme. Comes with huge risk of guy being crazy or the girl. Is both aren’t compatible with each other end up fighting about the “reason why they got married in the first place is because” .Marriage is important in life though we can survive without it, but key to lead a happy married life is by compromising each other fault and mistake.

no ones perfect, that’s what make us human, we make mistakes and we learn for it , so when it comes to marriage people start looking for loops in each other which finally tends to break the trust and people start loosing hope about meeting that perfect partner they have always dreamed about.

Key for any happy relationship is simple

  • forgive each other mistakes
  • stay loyal to your partner
  • only marry a person if you feel like and not for other reasons and benefits that comes along with it.

people don’t expect big things as portrait in movies , they only crave for honesty and the effort that a person puts into a relationship to keep it health.

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