Meet Indians very own BadGirl AkA Rihanna

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Meet Indians very own BadGirl AkA Rihanna

Everyone wants to be popular who doesn’t like free fame and money. Becoming popular is huge obsession among youth as current generation are looking for platform to showcase their talent and try and be popular at very young age. Growth in social media has led to a make any one celebrity over night even with a wink or a rumour people want to be in lame light.

People want to dress up celebrities want to live an excited life like them and what if i tell you all this is possible with one small trick, Yes its possible!, People are comparing themselves with popular celebrities and potrating them as their celebrities look alkies.

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Unlike most of overnight fame gainers we add a new name to the list that’s Chhattisgarh model reene kujur making headlines in almost all top magazine due to her resemblance with Hollywood popular singer rihanna , thought familiarity is due to dusky sink colour alone but being strong under discriminated many times for her skin colour, she is coming as strong women who stool against all and proved herself being a model

“It’s very disappointing to know that people require to look like a foreigner to get noticed for their talent “

She is setting an example for those who feel like they have to look fair and tall to make it into fashion industries, we hope this fame will motivate other to come up and speak up!

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