The 10 Most Expensive Materials on Earth

The 10 Most Expensive Materials on Earth

From many centuries we always believed that diamond and gold are most expensive material on the earth but it absolutely wrong. Here we provide you the list of top 10 most expensive materials on the earth.

10.GOLD ($50-$55 per Gram)

Gold is a precious metal which we used in our daily life as ornaments and jewelry. Most of the gold which is mined and recycled used for the production of Gold. About 78% of the gold manufactured is primarily used for making ornaments.

Apart from this Gold is also has industrial, space, electronic, and medical application. Chemically it is least reactive metal ever found. Gold is a good conductor of electricity so in electronic gadget where little voltage is required, so gold is used to carry tiny currents. Gold is also used in computers in microprocessor chips and as connectors where rapid transmission of digital information is required. Gold is also used for the medical purpose for the treatment of certain cancers.

9.Rhodium ($57 per gram)

Rhodium is valuable precious metal which is rarely found the element. It is noble metal and is corrosion resistant used as a catalytic converter in an automobile. Rhodium is also used in nuclear reactors.

8. Platinum ($60 per gram)

It is the rarest element found in the earth’s crust. It is a least reactive element and corrosion resistance material even at high temperature. Platinum is usually found in the ores of copper and nickel. About 80% of platinum is found in South Africa.

Platinum is used in automobiles as catalytic converters. It is also used in laboratory equipment, electrodes, and thermometers.

7. Plutonium – ($4,000 per gram)

Plutonium is a silvery grey radioactive element which tarnishes when exposed to air. Plutonium is used for the production of the nuclear weapon. It is also used as an energy supply in satellites and another space vehicle.

6. Painite ($10,000 per gram)

It is the rarest mineral found in Myanmar which is typically brownish red color to orange-red. There are only few hundred of these minerals in the world today.

5. Taaffeite ($20,000 per gram)

Taaffeite is a mineral found basically in southern Tanzania and Sri Lanka.It is basically white, pink, red and violet in color. Taaffeite stone is million times rarest than diamond.

4. Tritium ($30,000 per gram)

Tritium is one of the most costly materials on this planet. It is a radioactive material found in the heavy type of hydrogen.It is basically used as a fuel in a nuclear reaction. It is also found application in the generation of electricity and production of nuclear weapons. It also as radioluminescent light sources for instrument and in watches.

3. Diamond ($58,000 per gram)

This is one of the hardest substance ever found on earth.It is used in an industrial application for cutting purpose and for polishing purpose.

2. Californium ($25-27 million per gram)

Californium is a radioactive substance having atomic number 98.It is named after the university and the state of California. It is a man-made element used for the treatment of cancer and also for the detecting silver and gold ores.

1. Antimatter ($62-$100 trillion per gram)

It is most expensive material on earth. In future, it is predicted that it will be as a fuel in spacecraft.

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