Top 10 types of kisses and their meaning

man and woman kiss each other

Top 10 types of kisses and their meaning

Kissing is a physical act of showing a person that they have a feeling for them, which is expressed in many ways and one which is quite popular is by pressing lips against one another. As feelings are differentiated into many categories hence this is continued to kissing as well. Situation and the relationship between the people intended to kiss decides what kind of kiss it should be.

Kiss doesn’t always represent sexual attraction between two people, it can also be care, gratitude, respect, greeting, friendship, peace and many more. It becomes difficult to decide what kind of kiss to go for when you want to show respect to your crush, Can’t jump on sucking their lips.

We bring out a few of them and help our readers know what kind of kiss to be used and when.

  1. The Forehead Kiss

Normally Forehead kiss is given to express care for one another, usually, the Peron kissing on the forehead will be expressing deep taught of care to the other. Generally, this kind of kisses is common between father and child, husband and wife or any elderly people to a younger generation.

2.   Kiss on the Hand

Kiss in the head is expressed behalf to greet anyone with high affection and love. Moreover, kiss on the head is used when the person asks for their permission to kiss by asking for their hand and if they are overwhelmed by this gesture one lends their hand for the quick kiss.

3.   The Eskimo Kiss (nose)

Eskimo kiss is basically kissing of two noses, where people choose to get close to each other and touch their partner nose and rub it genteelly with their nose. This kind of kiss is more often seen in the couple who have a strong emotional bond rather than physical attraction. It shows they want to be with them and they respect their physical need but that not the only thing they are attracted too.

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4.   The French kiss

Most passionate and sensual kissing type is a French kiss, the word French is aligned with is to express the purity of romance. Couples with strong physical attraction tend to make every passionate lip pressing against their partner with constant switching sides in between breathing gap, signifies they bet they live to be with them.

  1. Earlobe Kiss (ears)

Experimenting little things spice up once love life, as people love trying new things kissing is no different so kissing ears as an act foreplay is usually given during the beginning of couple’s private moment to make their partner feel the need to be loved.

6. The Spiderman Kiss

Anyone who has watched spiderman movie could easily relate to this kind of kiss, there is a scene in a movie when spiderman saves his love from being attacked by goons and there is a passionate kiss that takes place in but it’s not a normal kiss. Spiderman kisses her with being hanged upside down by his web so that she could open only half of his mask and merry Jane standing on the street.

6.   Cheek kiss

is most underrated kiss on our list can be used with anyone who has no objection over it and it can be used in any circumstance. Its friendly gesture to have a cheek kiss and can be used to positive feeling for each individual.

  1. Lizard Kiss (tongue )

Love is a cray little thing which drives people crazy, when there is no limits or boundaries people express their intimacy through this kind of kiss where couples put tongue in each other’s mouth during kiss. This shows that they are comfortable doing anything with each other and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

  1. The Air Kiss

Air kiss is for those who are very shy and express their love from far away places and needs time to open up physically to carry on with either kind of kisses on the list. Couples with these kinds of kiss are at the beginning stage of the relationship and needs strong feelings to proceed with but want to show that they care about the person and they are thinking about them.

Indian Kiss:

Popularly known as flower kiss or shy kiss, it’s been coned with India because of the reason that most of Bollywood movies used to show these kinds of kisses, where the hero and the heroine have a kiss which is covered by flowers which practically means they are kissing behind the flowers.

This done for the reason that Indian cinema was not ready for bold scenes like locking lips on screen those days so they used to portray that there is a kiss happening behind the flowers rubbing with each other. Film these kinds of kisses. Couples shy enough to go bold for a public kiss intend to hide their faces while they kiss either with book, hands or literally anything.

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