Top 5 Celebrities who are more than just an Actors

Celebrities who are more than just an Actors.

Celebrities are often driven by fame and glamour that come with industries. Many Fans treating them like god risking their life at over crowed mobs just to get a glimpse of their favorite celebrity. Whereas celebrities are often busy with their party, shooting and promotional event they don’t even get to spend time with their own family properly. So, how can we expect any celebs to actively take part in any social causes and support the campaigning without paying them?  Even if we here about any celebrities getting involved in any such events people start wondering “is this really to bring the change or a public stunt to promote their upcoming movie” . But not all actors are same, we have seen so many actors and actresses from Bollywood join hands and support so many causes and events to bring it in a bigger platform and contribute as well. One best example would be people coming together at tsunami fund raisers. So here are few celebrities who stand alone took initiatives and done some work for betterment of society.

1)salman khan

Salman khan is known for his  kind heartens and  great promises to fellow artistes in industries. There are number of examples stating that salman has donated his watch, Shirt even his bike to people. He is a founder of an organization Being_Human_Foundation  it organizes fund raising events and also has clothing and multi accessories brand and collect money about 10% of which  and divert into financial assistances for underprivileged people. Overall revenue of the foundation is around 250Cr

2) Aamir Khan

Aamir khan is very different compared to all other khan’s of industry, with unique setoff principals and ideologies .Aamir Khan don’t attend any social events that aren’t involved In up liftmen of society. Aamir khan hosted a shpw called satyamava jayathe. Which discussed various issues amoung our socities and acknowledge people who are fighting to bring change in it, gained a lot of appriciatation? Even thought he was accused for his controversial statements about Indian not being safe and other have targeted him to criticism. Aamir khan has stated a foundation call “Panni”( with his wife Kiran which helps to sought out water problems in Maharashtra. He is also a brand ambassador for Government campaign for Tourism “Aatit Deovobava”.

3)Akshay kumar

Akshay kumar is an actor who came from middle class family with lots of struggle in intial days of his filmy carrier. Growing to be an efficient actor akshay kumar have contributed great movies which discuss major issues of society like sanitation problem in village sand Sanitary pads and many more to come ,He has started free martial arts class for women for their safety on streets. He actively participate in charity events, Recently have donated 90lakhs rupees to drought effected farmers of Maharashtra. And he also encourage people to pay tax on time, He is highest tax payer in year 2016.

4) Rahul bose

Rahul bose is a versatile actor, but he has contributed much more than films to the society. He is known for his valuable social work rather than his acting skills, Rahal runs many N.G.O like “Teach for India”, Citizen for Justice and peace, Spastic society of India. Bose gave lecture on Gender equality, Narmada Bachaoo Andalon, climate change Action and much more serious topics. He became the first Indian Oxfam global ambassador in 2007.

5)Jonh Abraham

According to John doing charity and social work is more important endorsing a brand, Actor has a soft corner for animals and elderly people, Actor believe that god has given an opportunity and platform for motivate other people join hands. John is ambassador of PETA foundation which focuses on providing needful help to animals. Actor has self initiated program called John’s Bridge which provided around 50000 homeless people a roof to live in harmony.

Free our horses and save tigers are notable causes John is associated with.

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