Top Whatsapp features on Kimbho app

Top Whatsapp features on Kimbho app

Top Whatsapp features on Kimbho app

Swami ramdev our country’s finest and renowned yoga guru most popular for his desi venture of all house hold articles starting from salt to biscuits, recently entered telecom industries as a joint venture with B.S.N.L telecom partner.

The boom in the market for swamiji’s product is due to huge fan following of Modi , As modi made it clear that India should grow independently by reducing imports from other countries by Swadise goods gaining high demand in Indian market.

Every since then Swamiji is been busy introducing new products on monthly basis to aquire multibillion industries to run dry.

People in our country are emotionally driven by the concept that on buying desi products they are contributing in the growth of our own countrymen. This article is to discuss the current trend that babaji has created with is new mind blogging concept of taking over billion dollar app “Whatsapp”.

One simple question to enlighten people who believe babaji and his desi works, Was it necessary?. As we know that Whatsapp is free of cost neither hidden charges nor any of Indians are easily irritated by its pop up ads. So why do we need this?

What might happen?

Indian competitor for Whatsapp id named as “kimbho”, an ancient word which means seashell, as we all know babji is very strict with the name that his products get. Kimbho was used to send message to people, that’s what you see in our Ramanand sagar tv series.

So babji is set to use that as market point to touch over sensitive people of our country , if all countries start doing to present their own version of app the it would be such a cool idea have conflict with other country.

Expect what!

  1. Babajis invention is set to be like whatsapp interface with sending Samachar to their Contacts. (Text)
  2. Do Dur Drusti Vani with their contacts (Video call )
  3. Can participate in Sahamoki Varthalaap (Group Chats)
  4. Add Tasvirr to your profile (Display picture)

Do share your views on our new app from Babji

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