The Best Apps you need to Download

Best Android Apps

Almost millions of apps are uploaded in play store and apple store. Some apps are decent and some apps are pretty great. Here we will provide you the list of best app you can use.



KEEPVID is a video downloader app which is very simple to use. You can download videos from any website you want especially from YouTube. You can enter any video URL and get downloaded easily. The best thing about this app is while downloading you can choose any video quality. You can chose only audio if you want and get downloaded.


2.Cheetah Keyboard

Cheetah keyboard is one of the awesome app you can find on playstore.This app provides thousands of keyboard themes. These themes are usually in 3D with cool graphics with excellent typing experience and can be customised easily. This keyboard app also has smart reply functions. Cheetah key board automatically suggest the response for the message you received. In this app you can lot of gifs and memes. This app also have voice input facility.



Loopsie is first app that has made use of cinema graph which makes this app very unique.Cinemagraph is basically a mix of video and a picture. What you need to do is you just take the shot the videos you want. Then you just chose the part you need to animate by swyping on the screen and that’s it. This app basically a image with a animation.




If you are a math lover than this app is definitely for you. Socratic is in the list of Google’s best app of the year. This app works on Artificial Intelligence technology. You can just point the camera towards any problem you want to solve and this app will automatically bring you answers. It can also detect handwritten problems and this app also gives explanation about how to solve those problems which makes this app unique. This app supports subjects including math, algebra, calculus, science, history, chemistry and so on.


5. Microsoft launcher

Microsoft launcher is one of the best app of 2017.With the help of this app you can customise your android device’s wallpaper, theme, theme colour, icons and more. You can also hide the apps you wanted in the launcher itself. You can switch to different Bing wallpapers automatically with the help of this app.


6. FaceApp

FaceApp is a photo editing app with lot more features. This app works on artificial intelligence technology. This app uses neural network to change the expressions on people’s faces. With the help of this app you can also make a face look younger, older, and bald and you can swap the gender.


7. AppBlock

As the name suggest Appblock app helps to temporarily block the distracting apps as well as notifications on your android device so that you stay focussed at your work. In this app you just need to select the apps you want to block and that’s it. When you open the blocked app it shows the message not to waste productive time which makes this app very unique. With the help of this app you can also block email notification. You can also set time limit of blocking.

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