Economical ways to celebrate Valentine’s week with your love

Economical ways to celebrate Valentine’s week with your love


The romantic month in the calendar is here when loved once will be eagerly waiting for their presents and surprises , But our question to all those who are in relationship.
Is it worth to spend all your money which you have earned by working for one whole month in a week?
Situation is even worse for the teenagers who depend on their pocket money to plan and budget things out. Things get way to serious when your loved once wish to celebrate Valentine’s week by planning things to do with you , through out the week.
February month brings cracks into relationship when you under perform with their expectations.
So we bring you coolest and romantic stuff that you can plan out for the whole week for your loved once under tight budget!

1)Feb ~7 /Rose day/

All other month expect in the month of February , No one cares about roses and suddenly price of roses hits the roof which makes it to expensive to buy.
So best way to over come this situation is By replacing Original with an artificial one, not by buying plastic Rose’s from store instead you can make it with paper at home which is popularly know as origami. And the effort that goes through will sure be rewarded.

2)Feb ~8 /propose day/


Propose your partner one more time but not with costly ring or any jewelry instead by making a video by adding photos of you both since the day you meet your partner. Or els make a mix tape saying “I love you ” in like twenty different ways, if not at least in twenty different languages, make it fun.

3)Feb~9 /chocolate day/

Everyone loves chocolate but everyone have a weird habit of loving expensive once. Buying normal chocolate is not the best way to celebrate chocolate day. The best thing that you can do in such a situation is buy normal chocolate (one which are available without fancy wrapping and big price tag)
Melt the chocolate and Bake a cake for your partner , give a finishing touch to it by pour the molten chocolate. Or else make a hot chocolate drink and garnish it with some romantic looks. Or else rub the chocolate on each other and taste the love.

4)Feb~10 /Teddy day/

If you can afford a Teddy bear then go ahead gift it , Teddy comes under various size and cost depending upon your budget get your loved once one. If you don’t have such money or don’t like to buy one they try this
Get a oil paint your face like Teddy and surprises your love with only Teddy mask and nothing else, I am sure they like this naughty Teddy more than the cute one.

5)Feb- 11 /Promise day/

Don’t promise if you can’t keep up with.
Best way to celebrate this day in a Valentine’s week is by promising your loved once to quit something that keeps them annoying All the time , would definitely make them happy if you keep up with the promise or you can write vows saying that ” I promise you that we are forever”.

6)Feb- 12 / Hug day/

This day is made specifically for those who loves cuddling after romantic act. Best way to make it romantic is by hugging your partner tight make them feel wanted and special , create something interesting (like a funny act ), for a change hug a nature , hug a tree, hug pets. Hugging a person more than 20sec might bring trust in one another so keep hugging all day all nite.

7)Feb 13 /kiss day/

Best day to grow your relationship, it’s not a physical need it’s a deciding factor for most of the people being good at kissing is not only a big plus to have a successful relationship but also a great romantic life.
Make it special with good wine, special place, light music and go for it , make sure your partner is confidential to go with it before you start exchanging saliva.
Take snaps for upcoming Valentine’s days.

8)Feb 14 /Valentine’s day/

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Finally the big day arrives,after the hard effort to make it possibly the best Valentine week for your partner but failed in some or the other way,you can still make things right by doing everything right on this day to keep up the good vibe.
Best and economic point of view if you could afford a small restaurant or hotel get a reservation ,pick your partner early, dress to impress, have food wrap it up with a memorable gift that possibly you can get. If not possible write something for your partner like a letter {love letter never runs out of fashion} express their importance in your life and how happy you are because of your partners existence in your life.

/You can buy anything with money and gift to to any… But you only make an effort to make something so special who deserves everything you have/ Will literally melt their hearts

Have a great Valentine’s day!!

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