Chandan Shetty Kannada Rapper

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chandan shetty is well known kannada rapper got introduced to kannda cinema in Dr. Puneeth raj kumar movie “Power” where rapper was seen singing title track, actor had been very active on his youtube channel even before the industry debut. Rapper had popular songs like “Chocolate girl” and 3-Peg” on youtube which have over 2 Million view.

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Rapper also has huge fan following on instagram where newly web couple were seen posting reel and having fun, Nivedita gowda who is sais to have good number of her own fan base due to her popularity on “Like App” which works similar to reels mad her gain popularity on instagram which grew after BigBoss show.

Kannada popular rapper and BigBoss famed reality winner had been in news ever since rapper married co contestant Nividita gowda, couple had been more active on social media, have recently filed for divorce in family court. Reason has be chandan demanding for kid according to rumour.

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