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Rating: 5 out of 5.

A Heartfelt Kannada Romance That Redefines Love and Loss

KS Ashoka, the director behind the surprise hit “6-5=2,” has now made a romantic film named “Dia” that is full of touching moments. It defies conventions in its genre by being a musical free romance with engaging storyline and real performances.

The movie revolves around Dia, played by Kushi Ravi, and her experiences with love and heartbreak. It also introduces complications that make it thrilling to watch as it moves at its own rhythm. This makes it different from other commercial movies because there are no songs or similar tropes used to set the mood of such scenes.

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Pruthvee Ambar’s performance as Adi is commendable; his character is reminiscent of young Kamal Haasan while still maintaining his own charm depth. Pavithra Lokesh plays the role of Adi’s mother well, adding feeling to the plot.

This unique perspective distinguishes “Dia” from other mainstream films which usually depict love from a male standpoint. The film goes beyond superficial romance and digs deeper into emotional complexities for viewers who want more than just escapism through cinema.

Ashoka’s direction, Vishal Vittal’s cinematography and Ajaneesh Loknath’s background score take the film a notch higher. The film is visually stunning and emotionally resonant as there is an intermingling of story telling and technical superbness.

Generally speaking, Dia is a fresh breeze in the romance genre that depicts love and loss realistically. It’s a movie that stays with one forever reminding them that true love transcends time and place.

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