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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Eddelu Manjunatha: A Satirical Masterpiece

It is through the film “Eddelu Manjunatha” that director Guru Prasad presents a funny and thought-provoking narrative that explores laziness in society and human nature. Three characters namely: Manja (Jaggesh), Nani (Tabla Nani) and Gowri (Yagna Shetty) are at the center of it all. Infact, Manja exemplifies an indolent person who thinks that everything should be offered to them by the society while Nani, a blind man is seeking to achieve his dream of directing a movie by listening to the life story of Manja.

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Jaggesh’s portrayal of the lethargic and irresponsible character Manja is remarkable; likewise Yagna Shetty plays as his hardworking wife without make-up shines as well. Tabla Nani does a good job in portraying him giving more depth to the story. By using snappy dialogues, Director Guru Prasad satirically deals with different aspects of society throughout which maintains audience engagement.

The film highlights some issues like idleness, alcoholism and irresponsibility repercussions are discussed. The unwillingness of Manjunatha to change despite attempts made by his wife lead to a tragic end for them making Gowri take difficult decisions on their future.

The cinematic masterpiece is a non-stop comedy with authentic storytelling and real dialogues containing satire; which resonate with the spectators even after they leave the theatre. The film’s music by Anoop Sileen is truly amazing and it is a perfect complement to the overall story.

In general, “Eddelu Manjunatha” is evidence of Guru Prasad’s directorial skills as well as Jaggesh’s acting talent. This is a tidy satirical entertainer that remains memorable even after one walks out of the cinema hall.

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