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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A Quirky Comedy of Errors in Bengaluru

Plot: A peddler is mistaken for Simon, a Frenchman who had just landed in India. Alongside Asgar, an auto rickshaw driver, they try to find their way amidst the Shivajinagar mafia chaos in Bengaluru. The misadventures begin with the death of local don Charles leading to a cryptic message and a wild chase.

Review: Pannaga Bharana’s “French Biriyani” is an invigorating farce set against the vibrant backdrop of Bengaluru city. At first glance, it looks like what has happened is that Charles died locally and his son received an enigmatic message he cannot fully recall. This prompts a series of escapades involving Simon (Sal Yusuf) and Asgar (Danish Sait) who get caught up in the underworld mayhem that pervades the city.

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“French Biriyani” is one such film in the recent history of Kannada cinema where out-and-out comedies are few and far between. It’s full of slapstick comedy which will make you laugh for real though its less than two hours’ runtime could have been further edited down. The ensemble cast featuring Sampath Kumar, Mahantesh Hiremath, Vicky, Pitobash, Disha Madan and Nagabhushan among others enhances the chaos creating an engaging storyline.

Pannaga Bharana, the director, has done an excellent job in developing a screenplay that may seem simple but requires exact timing for comedy. Apt performances of Asgar and Simon are presented by Danish Sait and Sal Yusuf respectively. The film is full of walk-on parts who are all good with Chikkanna making the most memorable one. Furthermore, Vasuki Vaibhav’s music compliments its live and energetic aspect.


“French Biriyani” does not attempt to preach or showcase star power. Instead, it offers a fun-filled experience with lots of Bangalore-specific humor. Danish Sait’s acting performance as Asgar is an example that demonstrates his skills in comedy as he moves effortlessly between languages and dialects. The funniest part of this movie mostly results from miscommunication where confused facial expressions by Sal Yusuf enhance the humor.

However, the film loses its charm when it tries to extract humor from every situation, leading to a few stale moments. On top of adding layers, however, these subplots tend to meander throughout Rahila –Asgar’s sister-’s husband and don Mani’s quest in life among others. The portrayal of the criminal gang is racially insensitive containing outmoded figures which spoil the whole experience.

The film also stumbles with its portrayal of minor female characters, often reducing them to objects of male gaze. These moments feel immature and unnecessary, thereby diminishing the otherwise comic tone of the film. However, the movie makes up for these drawbacks by providing a lively soundtrack that includes such popular tracks as Yen Madodu Swamy and The Bengaluru Song.

In summary, French Biriyani is like a roller coaster ride through the chaotic streets of Bengaluru, delivered with impeccable comic timing by Danish Sait and an endearing performance by Sal Yusuf. Nonetheless, though its humor can be hit-and-miss at times, this makes for a unique entry into Kannada cinema’s comedic canon.

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