Switching to Devops would be very risky in future

Devops engineer in future

Current Trend in Devops :

As Information technology took a rapid hit from ups and downs in global trends like crypto, developers ran behind web3 technologies like blockchain and Solidity last year (2022). Most startups pulled money from investors pockets, showing a new dream about blockchain being the new digital currency, but in reality, crypto crashed with various countries putting regulations in place as it was not easy to track and for various security reasons.

Jobs based on such technologies have vanished over time, and developers who have put lots of time into learning such technologies have switched back to “Devops or cloud engineering” now.

Understand the Basics :

Most companies are moving their services to the cloud, which is true, but do we really need a full-fledged engineer to just manage the servers manually? is the prime question.

As Devops does the same, they are basically a developer who is an expert in operations like pulling up the servers, managing server downtime, and smoothing the process. Most developers switch jobs or adopt new trends and learn new languages, mostly because of improved pay.

Conclusion :

Switching to DevOps for a higher position would be very risky because DevOps is tool-oriented tech that can be and will be easily automated by some billion-dollar company in the future. Switching to DevOps is like switching to a management role with little coding.

As funding runs dry in the Asian market due to high repo rates and various financial banks shutting down, most companies have started cutting costs by downsizing their teams. Most companies look for tool-based engineers as their primary target, as most devops tasks can be easily managed by a few experienced backend engineers with little knowledge of cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

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