Top Seven home remedies to look Beautiful

Top Seven home remedies to look Beautiful

Looking great naturally is a great thing when compared to hours of makeup and their side effects, if you are wondering if it’s possible here are the list of things that you can do to take care of your face and look pretty naturally.
Home remedies to look pretty.

1) Getting rid of pimples:

Pimples are the big problem which may arose due to many reasons like pollution, sweat or even puberty from Which cannot hide ourselves. So we end up having pimples in most of the case we can regulate the growth by drinking efficient warm water, which in turn reduces harmon growth rate and improves metabolism hence forth controlling growth of pimples.
Well if you have it already they try applying toothpaste on it or even pepper powder mixed with cured might reduce pimples in a week.

2)Dark circles:

Having insufficient sleep or over stressing of your eyes may lead to deal sports around your eyes which may make you look like a vigilante. Simplest method to avoid it is get minimum of 7hrs sleep, get enough light if your are reading a book and most importantly take in-between naps to relax your eyes. Well those are few tips to avoid not having black circle but if you have it already then try keeping cucumber slice on your eyes as it absorbs the dust particles and relaxes the eye muscle.

3)Dark spots (Black heads):

If you can see small black hair kinda thing on your nose and nearby places congrats you have dark spots , dark spots may be due to hormonal changes in the body or due to excessive sweating best way to avoid it to keep your skin wet and moisturizer it with clean water at regular interval of time. And if you have it already try using tomato scrub or papayas scrub on the area affected which will effectively soften the skill at that area and you can wipe it with hot water.

4)Dark complexion:

Darker complexion is due to deficiency of melanin in our body which reduce our skin tone , there isn’t a quick fix for this but you can try applying turmeric powder mixed with milk and apply consistently for a month to see the change. Avoid sunlight as much as possible or else apply mixture of coconut oil mixed with water in a ratio of 1:2 and scrub it gently and let it dry for half an hour then go out in a sunny day.


Due to recent food habitat most people gain unnecessary fat lot quickly making least attractive, best way to avoid it is stop consuming fast food, go for a walk or even jog instead of taking vehicle, try yoga which is considered as healthy way to loose weight or els try fasting it not only improves our immunity power but also help you generate higher sucrose from various glands.


After weight problem we come across a common problem that is height growth problem.. as said earlier due to unhealthy food and increase in weight drastically reduced height growth, nothing much can be done if you have passed 25 rather than stretching your spine to gain a little height, but if identified earlier in kids it can be improved by practicing certain activities in daily life like swimming, gymnastics, cycling etc, Practicing yoga like cow, dog, cobra, bridge position will not only improves height but also bone strength in kids.

7)Hair fall:

Natural most people are ignorant about their hair fall until they start seeing scalp on their head. But if you could recognize it as early as possible you might use this technique to avoid hair fall and look younger for longer time, so having a hair fall is due to insufficient B6 protein that is supplied to your hair root which try to generate or absorbs protein which is necessary to grow from other sources like thicker hair or from the Root’s making them go thin and eventually fall off.
To avoid this scenario you can start consuming foods which are rich in B6 protein like walnut ,fish, peanuts etc . Applying coconut oil or almond oil will help hair to absorb less radiation form sun which keeps them thicker for long time. Taking a bath in cold water increase stress relief and results in health hair.

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