Travel Abroad with minimum expenses

Travel Abroad with minimum expenses

Countries which requires less capital to travel



places to vist (Ha giang, haiphong, chi tunnels, lake in Hanoi, imperial city, long phuoc, pagoda, po nagar)

It covers a total area of approximately 331,210 km2 ,Vietnam’s land is mostly hilly and densely forested

climate tends to extending roughly from November to April, temperatures vary less in the southern plains around Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta, ranging between 21 and 28 °C

2)São time and Principe

currency (1₹= 326.85 dobra)

(no visa)

places to vist (on natural park, São time island, príncipe island, São tomé)

is a Portuguese-speaking nation, At sea level, the climate is tropical hot and humid with average yearly temperatures of about 27 °C, Avoid visiting from October to May.


currency (1₹=268 belarusian rubles)

places to visit(Mir castle complex, bialowieza forest, belarusian great patriotic war museum, pripyatskiy national park)

its Russian name Byelorussia, About 40% of Belarus is covered by forests.



(visa in 30days)

places to visit (Bali,jakarta,bandung,lombok,yogyakarta city, Macassar city)

it is the world’s largest island country, Indonesia almost uniformly warm waters that make up 81% of Indonesia’s area ensure that temperatures on land remain fairly constant



places to visit(Vientiane, luang prabang, pakse city, phone avan village)

commonly know by name of Muang Lao

There is a distinct rainy season from May to November, followed by a dry season from December to April.

The official tourism slogan is “Simply Beautiful”

Luang Phabang main tourism attraction.



places to visit(Asunción,encarnación city, ciudad este city, San Bernardino)

The terrain consists mostly of grassy plains and wooded hills in the eastern region. To the west are mostly low, marshy plains.

Winds play a major role in influencing Paraguay’s weather: between October and March warm blow, with an average daily temperature of 28.9 degrees Celsius.


currency(1₹=61cambodia riel)

places to visit(Some reap, Phnom Penh, sihanoukville beach, Tonie aap city, bokor hill station, ream national park)

Cambodia has a temperature range from 21 to 35 °C, The rainy season, which runs from May to October, can see temperatures drop to 22 °C (71.6 °F) and is generally accompanied with high humidity,dry season lasts from November to April.

Ceramic works, Painted bottles containing infused rice wine are very popular among tourist


currency(1₹= 33.66 Mongolian tugrik)

places to visit(Ulaanbaatar, khövsgöl nuur lake, khusrain nuruu national park, Karakorum town)

Mongolia is known as the “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky”.

Two of the most popular dishes are BUUZ (a meat filled steamed dumpling) and khuushuu (a sort of deep-fried meat pie.)



places to visit(Mount Kilimanjaro, ngorongoro conservation area, tarangire national park, ruaha national park, mantra national park,pemba island)

temperatures range between 10 and 20 °C during cold and hot seasons,Tanzania has 16 national parks, contains a wide variety of animal habitats.

Tanzania has made little progress towards reducing extreme hunger and malnutrition

10)south Korea

currency(1₹=16.66 Korean won)

places to visit(Seoul, Susan city, gyeongju, jeju city)

Winters can be extremely cold with the minimum temperature dropping below −20 °C, South Korea has 20 national parks. underdeveloped country suffering with climatic and food habitat.


(1₹= 9.97 Chilean peso)

(Torres del Paine Nation park, plaza de areas, Santiago metropolitan park)

world’s driest desert and winter (June to August) is best time to visit.

animals like puma and several types of marsupials and a small deer known as the pudu are found.

12)Costa Rica

currency(1₹=8.20 Costa Rican colón)

places to visit( arsenal volcano, Manuel Antonio Nation park, Corcovado national park, la fortuna waterfall)

There are 14 known volcanoes in Costa Rica and six of them are active ,The highest volcano in the country is the irazu volcano and lake arneal addas much value to tourism.


currency(1₹= 5.05 Kazakhstan tenge)(

places to visit (battered, medeu, palace of peace and reconciliation,khan shatter entertainment center, Almaty tower)

Has 10 national parks which id home to many endangered species like wolf fox and snow leopard and many plants like wild grapes and wild apple.

korgalzhyn and Nauryzumsky reserves are declared as world heritage site.


currency(1₹=3.72 Yemeni rial)
places to visit(Doctors, Sana’a , Aden city, ibb city, all mukalla city, all hudaydah city, shivanay town)

kamran in red sea, socotar in Arabian sea islands belong to Yemen.

scarcity of water is major problem


currency(1₹= 2.65 Djibouti franc)
places to visit(Dijbouti,ali saving city, gulf of tadjoura,tadjoura town, lake assal)

Djibouti has eight mountain ranges with peaks of over 1,000 metres, Djiboutc’s climatic varies inbetween maximum temperatures range from 32 to 41 °C .

16)Sri lanka

currency(1₹=2.17 srilanka rupee)
places to visit(Colombo, Kandy city, Galle city, yala national park, muwaaa eliya city, Jaffna city, Benita coastal town , Minnesota national park)

according to Hindu mythology Lord ram’s devotees built a sea way bridge from India to sri lanka and Sri Lanka has 103 rivers with 51 natural waterfalls of 10 meters

climate varies from Day and night temperatures may vary by 14 °C to 18 °C.

17)Ice land

currency(1₹= 1.73 Icelandic króna)
places to visit (Blue lagoon, golden circle,gullfoss water fall, hallgrímskirkkja church, dynjandi waterfall, northern lights)

The climate varies between different parts of the island and the south coast is warmer, wetter, and windier than the north.

island is highly geologically active with many volcanoes which is major tourist attraction.


currency(1₹= 1.62 Algerian dinar)
places to visit(Algiers, Oran city, tamanrasset city, Annaba city, Constantine city

Algeria also known as the Hoggar.

climatic condition in the country, midday desert temperatures can be hot year round.

tourism is slow because of lack of facilities.


(no visa required)

currency(1₹=1.61 Nepalese rupee)
places to visit(Katmandu, pokhara city, Chilean national park, dhulikhel city, manager town, Patna city, mount Everest)

dhindo is a national cuisine of Nepal.

mount Everest is pride of Nepal.


currency(1₹= 1.49 Japanese yen)
places to visit(Kyoto city, Tokyo,osaka city, hakone town, Nagoya city, kobe city, kamakura city)

Japan has a total of 6,852 island, About 73 percent of Japan is forested and not suited for human habitat.

winter temperature in Japan is 5.1 °C and the summer temperature is 25.2 °C.


currency(1₹= 1.17 Bangladesh taka)
places to visit(Again manzil, lalbagh fort, st. Martin’s island, Shakespeare temple, star mosque, Naruto stories shoudha, sinargaon)

Bangladesh is rich with wild life and Bengal tiger is popular among them.

Bengali biriyani and pulov is quit popular.


currency(1₹= 0.11 Bolivian)

places to visit (Santa Cruz de la Sierra)

23) Zimbabwe


places to visit (Victoria Case, Viktoriofaelle)


Budapest Hungary

currency(1₹=4.22 forint)

places to visit ( Budapest, lake Balaton)

tokaji wine from Hungary is world famous.

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