Top 7 things that a girl notice in a guy at the first?

Top 7 things that a girl notice in a guy at the first?

Guys are easily attracted to female body parts and pay less attribute how they look facially or try to know how they are as a person even before we start liking them but it isn’t the same for girls ,as they say not all girls are attracted to great body ,ya they might like to have fun with it but most women doesn’t consider it as a major priority in they ideal match! So wat turns them on!
Here is top seven things which instantly turns women on!


most women prefer guy who has beards not onl because they make them look more stunning but also helps them carry that bad boy look, Mos men don’t have symmetrical face so they look like two different from each sides of their face but having a beard might make you look like one hell of a beast!


Face Man Beard Guy Hair Jacket

2)Hair :

most of the guys get rejected because of one. Major reason and that is going bald , ya that’s true having strong hair makes you young , on a survey women told combination if gray and black hair turns most women on, but having non doesn’t, so take care of it.


Having a different color eye is a plus point , but most guys aren’t that luck but don’t worry not the color thats important, what’s important is how you make a eye contact because most women look into eyes when they have conversation while you end up checking her out. making regular eye contact shows confidence and makes you look charming.

4) Charming Smile:

guys don’t smile,either they laugh or blush! Men are prone to seriousness they don’t show this signs when they hit puberty, but having a smile opens up your partner and make the conversation flow through and if you can’t smile at least blush for the lady!

5)Great Body:

as said earlier not every girl dreams of having a guy with muscles squeezing out from this body, most lemon prefer man with less body fat ,who loves to work out and tires to keep himself feet.

6) Behavior and protective nature:

Girls love when the guy around them can sure feel them secure and comfortable that’s a big plus, Protective quality shows that you genuinely like that person and may spark love harmon in your partner as well.

7)Dress :

dress to impress, well that’s the first thing that a girl might notice or Even remember how you looked at her first glance, dress in those which fits you and make you feel comfortable, smell good make a best use your clothes and style it with cool accessories.

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