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Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Heartfelt Journey through Love and Nostalgia.

“Love Mocktail”-a tear-jerking journey that beautifully intertwines love, heartbreak and self-discovery in a soul-stirring manner. Darling Krishna directs the film as well as starring as the protagonist hence takes his audience to their nostalgic past through a character called Adi.

Adi’s life is told from teenage years to middle age with a lot of depth and authenticity. Innocence, passion and yearning fill the times when Adi thinks about his passionate escapades.

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The film is able to capture the pulse of contemporary urban love tales that go on unraveling whatever dreams, aspirations or challenges young people face these days. “Love Mocktail” demonstrates how complicated modern romance is, from youthful infatuations to adult relationships.

The movie’s greatest strength lies in having characters that are easy to relate with coupled with an amazing ensemble cast. Amruta Iyengar does an outstanding job playing Jo by showing her weaknesses and strengths so deeply. At the same time Milana Nagaraj brings out Nidhi’s character vividly and refreshingly.

Krishna, my love, has done well as both director and actor in the film; this testifies his versatility and filmmaking skills. He played Adi with subtlety and warmth that made the audience follow him up the journey of feelings with openness.

The score composed by Raghu Dixit for The Last Song is a perfect match for the hero Adi’s motion picture experiences which range from joy to sadness. The cinematography work coordinated by Sri Crazy Minds offers an amazing representation of landscapes that define coastal Karnataka—a visual splendidness added to the narrative.

To sum up, “Love Mocktail” is a pleasing romantic escapade that speaks to all generations of viewers. It tells love stories which are touching and nostalgic, plus it is loaded with strong performances and gorgeous cinematography: this means it should not be missed if you want a sad but sweet journey about finding love & yourself at any stage in life.

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