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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Review: Weekend with Ramesh Season 5

Ramesh Aravind’s highly awaited small screen comeback through the fifth edition of “Weekend with Ramesh” has without a doubt met the high expectations. This Kannada show remains one of the most inspiring and distinct ones on our television screens, mingling inspiration, entertainment and nostalgia for all viewers.

This season’s opening was nothing short of spectacular, with Chief Content Officer –Raghavendra Hunsur setting the pace for an interesting season to come. The first episode captured that natural charm that defines Ramesh Aravind whose inquisitive nature and warm personality make him a good fit as a presenter. His excitement at being back on the show after a four year break is almost palpable, which shows how much it means to him.

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Format-wise, this is one of its biggest strengths. Taking guests down memory lane so they could relive significant moments and milestones in their lives is both immersive and moving. The participation from different spheres such as business, politics, sports, and entertainment for this season guarantees diversity in stories hence making it more appealing and engaging.

The production quality of the show continues to be class. The overall mood and feel of the set design, lighting, etc. make it a comfortable and inviting space for guests to open up about their personal and professional lives. The effort that has been put into creating this environment is evident on screen and makes the viewing experience better.

In episode one, Ramesh’s interaction with his first guest was a masterclass in conversational hosting. His ability to introduce personal anecdotes, ask challenging yet respectful questions, and reveal some hidden aspects of his guest’s life made riveting television. Especially touching was when his guest was surprised by the appearance of someone significant from their past thus revealing yet another layer of complexity as far as combining surprise with sentimentality is concerned.

While it remains fun and light-hearted, the show also has serious and strong points creating an equilibrium. In addition, this presentation involves family members and friends that share anecdotes nobody knows about the interviewees hence lending more personal feel to the talks.

In summary, another thing which was witnessed in season five of “Weekend with Ramesh” was its continued dominance as one of the top talk shows on Kannada television. With Ramesh Aravind taking charge of things however, there are high chances that viewers will have a season full of inspiration, touching moments and lots of charm. You will certainly enjoy this season if you have been following the show for long or even if you are watching it for the first time because it is promising to be an interesting period. Make sure you watch Zee Kannada every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 pm; be entertained as well as get motivated as we feature here.

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