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Rating: 3 out of 5.

A Potent Blend of Action, Emotion, and Social Commentary

Darshan’s return to the silver screen after being away for more than a year is what “Yajamana” by debutant V Harikrishna and Kumar signifies. The film guarantees an interesting plot filled with action and emotion, as well as a powerful social message and it does not fail to deliver on this.

“Yajamana,” situated in the rural surroundings of Hulidurga, Karnataka, depicts Krishna (Darshan) who is a dutiful son and oil producer that defies a big entrepreneur threatening to disturb his community’s peace. Krishna has to protect his values and the identity of his community once the evil plans of the oil magnate are revealed.

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Krishna played by Darshan is charismatic and strong but also displays emotional depth in his role. Thakur Anoop Singh as the suave yet deadly villain gives depth to the conflict within the film. Rashmika Mandanna and Tanya Hope have also given good performances in their respective roles adding value into the story line.

The director V Harikrishna creates an interesting narrative which does not just entertain but also raises significant questions about globalization, corporate hegemony. This simple yet effective communication style prevails throughout as seen through its dialogue written by Chethan Kumar that strikes a chord with audiences demonstrating through its characters, a powerful social message.

“Yajamana” is a very good movie that tells a story and the acting is also good, but at some places it drags with certain sequences slowing down the pace. This small weakness however, does not matter much compared to what the film does and its overall effect on people’s minds.

For instance, technical aspects such as cinematography and music enhance the aesthetic appeal of this film while Shreesha Kuduvalli’s cinematography beautifully captures Hulidurga’s rustic charm. Harikrishna’s music, especially numbers like “Shivanandi” and “Nintha Nodo Yajamana,” makes the story richer in meaning.

Overall, “Yajamana” is a potent mix of action, sentiment and social commentary; so a must-watch for commercial movie enthusiasts. The movie has an amazing storyline supported by great acting as well as strong message for the viewers which gives it long lasting depiction hence making Darshan cement his place as a forceful performer in the sector.

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