MovieBuzz – Chamak

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A Breezy Romcom for the Hashtag Generation

Chamak directed by Suni is a joyful rom-com, familiar to the present hashtag age. It is about Kush, an easy-going gynecologist and Khushi, his seemingly dumb wife. What began as a marriage of convenience ended up being a journey of self-discovery and unforeseen emotions.

A Modern Take on Tradition

Kush (Ganesh) marries Khushi (Rashmika Mandanna) believing she is the perfect homemaker to complement his carefree lifestyle. However, as different truths come to light, their relationship faces obstacles forcing both of them to confront their true selves. Suni’s direction gives the film a young feel that resonates with the audience in the present day world.

Acting at its Best

They way Ganesh plays Kush with ease while mixing humour and depth into his performance speaks volumes about his acting prowess. Rashmika Mandanna stands out as Khushi showing her comedy chops in addition to performing well on emotional scenes. Their chemistry drives the story line making the viewer root for them as their love deepens further. The supporting cast members are also charming enhancing the appeal of this movie through their standout performances.

Engaging Storytelling and Production

The film has witty conversations that make the audience laugh and clap. Judah Sandhy’s music blends with the story, and after watching one can’t help but hum some of its memorable tracks. The cinematography by Santosh Rai Pathaje is illuminated capturing the liveliness of this movie. “Chamak” on all accounts does not lose its easy-going atmosphere even in some arguable comedy scenes.


“Chamak” is a breath of fresh air in Sandalwood; it combines comedy, romanticism, and sentimentality. It’s a good thing to watch for those who like movies that lightens their hearts. Whether you are a Ganesh fanatic or Rashmika lover or just looking for a nice romantic comedy, “Chamak” will surely keep you entertained.

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