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Rating: 3 out of 5.

A Duryodhana-Centric Mahabharata Adaptation

A fresh look at Mahabharata by Munirathna’s “Kurukshetra” directed by Naganna that focuses on the complex character of Duryodhana. It was released in 3D and this Kannada language film delves into the life of Duryodhana, depicting him as a genius but flawed warrior who gets manipulated and becomes a victim of circumstances. The movie tries to rekindle interest in the epic by providing an insight into Duryodhana’s journey with sterling performances and grand visuals.

New Take on Mahabharata

Many people find the character of Duryodhana one of the most mysterious in Mahabharata. In “Kurukshetra”, his story unfolds in a way that makes him more than just a villain but rather as a multidimensional person whose potential for greatness is stifled by external situations. Darshan’s portrayal of Duryodhana is mesmerizing; it subtly shows his ambition, vanity and downfall.

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Other Characters Outshine

The film also showcases other important figures like Arjun Sarja’s Karna whose benevolence and faithfulness are touching. Sneha portrays Draupadi while P Ravi Shankar stars as Shakuni thus delivering strong performances that add depth to the narrative structure itself. V Ravichandran plays Krishna which brings out divinity in unfolding drama. The late Ambareesh as Bheeshma is another highlight, bringing a sense of gravitas to the film.


Epic Moments and Technical Challenges

“Kurukshetra”, one of the scenes, is the most known part of Mahabharata, which includes Brave Abhimanyu’s attempt to penetrate Chakravyuha as well as Draupadi’s pledge for revenge after her public humiliation. These parts are done in a modern cinematic way with an infusion of traditional storytelling. The 3D graphics in this movie though seem to have been ambitious; they don’t however match up with today’s standards occasionally putting down the overall experience.

A Nod to Mythological Cinema

This film really appeals to the fans of classical mythological cinema who can never forget it. Though it lacks technical accomplishments seen in movies like “Baahubali”, “Kurukshetra” still manages to do its job of re-igniting interest in Mahabharata. The story line is quite popular but meaty enough to keep audience engaged through the entire length.


“Kurukshetra” is very noble attempt at re-imagining one of India’s biggest epics from a contemporary point of view. Despite drawbacks on technology, it remains a must watch for any person who loves mythological cinema due to excellent acting and different perspective about Duryodhana that is depicted by the movie. It captures the immortal charm and lasting intrigue surrounding Mahabharata as well as its notable characters.

If you’re either a fan of Darshan or just looking out for a new outlook towards Mahabharata, then “

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