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Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

“A Wrestling Drama That Fails to Deliver the Knockout Punch

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Garadi, set in the rustic backdrop of Rattehalli village, attempts to capture the essence of wrestling through the journey of Soorya, played by Yashas Surya. Despite a commendable effort from the cast, particularly Soorya and B C Patil, and some well-executed wrestling sequences, the film falls short of leaving a lasting impact.

The storyline revolves around Soorya, a talented masseur with dreams of becoming a wrestler. Hindered by societal prejudices and the shadow of his father’s criminal record, Soorya’s journey unfolds as he secretly hones his wrestling skills under the guidance of his mentor, Rangappa. Meanwhile, a love story with Puppy Sukanya (Sonal Monteiro) adds a romantic touch to the narrative.

The plot takes a predictable turn when the wealthy Pramod Simha Raane, portrayed by Sujay Belur, enters the scene. His father, Shivappa Raane (Ravishankar), seeks Rangappa’s help to train Pramod for a prestigious wrestling tournament. While the wrestling theme remains central, the lackluster and linear storytelling diminishes the overall impact of the film.

Darshan’s entry in the climax adds a crowd-pleasing moment, but it’s not enough to compensate for the film’s shortcomings. The director, Yogaraj Bhat, known for his collaborations with A-list actors, ventures into relatively uncharted territory but fails to deliver a compelling sports drama.

The film’s first half manages to engage the audience in the world of wrestling, but the romantic track between Soorya and Puppy Sukanya derails the plot. The underwhelming songs and the treatment of the heroine as a mere cheerleader are disappointing, marking a departure from Bhat’s previous work.

In the second half, Garadi attempts to transform into an action thriller, but weak twists and lackluster drama make it a dull experience. Even a cameo from superstar Darshan feels like a desperate attempt to salvage a shoddy climax.

While the film showcases some well-executed wrestling sequences, Soorya’s overnight transformation into a champion wrestler leaves the audience disconnected. In the end, Garadi fails to instill a sense of care for the dying sport it aims to portray.

If you’re a die-hard wrestling fan, you might find some moments to appreciate, but for the average viewer, Garadi misses the mark, making it a passable watch at best.

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