Open Mic are the new thing on weekends

Open Mic are the new thing on weekends

People around the city hunch for events to spend their weekend, as movies became easily available On internet going to movie and spending half a day in traveling and stating at the screen is a boring thing now. Why should we go to Cinema Theater and spend so much money? When we can watch the entire movie at home on Netflix or download it in any Illegal website. As people started behaving extremely mature they started searching for something cool to do on weekends hence stand up’s open mic, musical jams came to existence.

Well there are so many places in major cities which stated haunting for musicians and comedians to come and perform on their restaurants and cafes. Most of places like Humming Tree, urban solace and many more places in Bangalore support young talents with open mic event held once in a week.

Open Mic are the new thing on weekends talks about giving a new platform for people who want to peruse their hobbies as full time carrier

So what it takes to be a standup guy?

Cool things don’t happen all of sudden, all artiest have to go through rough days before they see light, so open mic are the best place to start with, where people won’t blame you even if you suck at it. As you learn to control your audience you will start giving paid shows.

Stand up a carrier options?

Many people quit their regular job and pursued their interest in doing something out of the box and have achieved fame and success for example well known stand up artist Biswa Kalyan Rath is an IIt graduate who chose to be a standup comedian and change a lump some amount for his 10 to 15 min geek. Many engineers are taking interest in perusing their hobbies as full time Carrere options.

Where to start from?

Anyone can start from small pace like cafes or clubs, not always paid but getting a free platform to showcase your talent in front of decent number of people is a huge deal for any beginner. Initially there will be struggle but once you start meeting new artist and new crowd to support for, you will eventually can make a decent earning out of it. Apart from open mics one can attend free workshops conducted by comedy and music clubs to build their network and collaborate with them and perform at different even events. Once you become popular amount the local crowed, market yourselfer and travel different cities and explore your capabilities as an artist.

How much you can earn?

Not very much at the beginning, nothing actually at the start but once you prove your talent can earn upto 20 to 30k in a Day depending upon the show sponsors and organizers’.

Is it Safe carrier options?

No job is permanent in this world expect boring Government jobs, If you want to take risk and chase your passion then go ahead . Most of people \from upcoming firm employees try these things in open mics at weekends and not make money out of it.

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