PUBG v/s FORTNITE game comparison 

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PUBG v/s FORTNITE game comparison 

Development in the field of electronics had made many changes in human life , People are using smartphones and internet in excess such that they have become an integral part of human life. Growth in technology have built many multi dollar industries in the field of entertainment and gaming companies are one among those. People are playing multiplayer and solo games in large quantity , which inurn have lead to develop more advance games are hitting market every now and then. PUBG and FORTNITE are the best example of multiplayer war games which is currently trending in global market.


PUBG hits yet another milestone--this time on Xbox One

the game is available on  Google playstore and apple store as well

The player can choose to playing two different locations at the beginning as he collects good score , Player will allowed with multiple features.

Game has in built two maps where people can connect with other players and play. Game has an option to create a team of four people and ply against other teams.For new bees there are various zones where fistimers and play and practice game tactics like driving a jeep snipping and lots more. Game starts when all the  players (Max  100) payers are dropped to an island where players get to choose where they want to get down. There are two circles which keeps on narrowing down , to be part of game all players must be within the circle. Blue circle indicase playzone and wight ccel indicates next narrowing region. players can take help of all sort of vehicles on that island to reach the circle. players re dropped in the island completely empty handed and they have to roam around all the places to get various guns and medical kits and other accessories.Last person standing alive on the island are declared s winners.


Fortnite Battle Royale Receives New Snipers-Only Mode

the game is almost similar with few notable changes. Graphics used in the game is much higher than PUBG, But the maps are small and play are is congested compared to PUBG. The Strategy and Gun used in the game are completely Different. Gam is not quit popular as it is not available as an app in play stores, in order to play this game players are supposed to connect through XBOX. As users are less in number in most of the cases teams formed are usually bots and not actual human beings. map options are limited which becomes boring few set of matches.In bothe the games when player is killed within the play zone there are set of guns and war equipments doped from their bodies and regular supplies of equipments are provided by aircrafts.

As a players we would say that PBG is far more better than FORTNITE

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